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Pre Bore Profile

CCD Energy Services Pre Bore Profile
Pre Bore Profile | Borehole drilling company

A pre bore profile and post bore profile ensure your project will be a success

CCD Energy Services, a leader among horizontal directional drilling companies in Canada, carefully plans each drilling project to ensure success. Our pre bore profile and post bore profile is a crucial step in our quality control process.

Borehole drilling to create a pre-bore profile; your directional drilling roadmap

Our highly-trained and experienced professionals consider all elements of your project from underground utilities, geotechnical information, no-drill zones and all other site conditions. Once all the information has been gathered from the initial drilling, we create a detailed pre-bore profile (example shown right.) Your pre-bore profile is the roadmap that considers all the physical limitations, environmental and safety concerns of your project.

Taking the time to construct a proper and detailed pre-bore profile may save you time, energy, and money later on. Your well-planned bore profile is an important step in the success of your horizontal directional drilling project.

The post-bore profile: as-built drawings that hit the mark

Upon completion of the drilling, our technical design team provides you with a rod-by-rod chart of the bore profile for your QC department.

We track all discrepancies or changes to the project in our final drawings. As part of our QC process, we then send these finalized drawings back to our clients. The similarity between our pre-bore profile and our final as-built profile is an indicator of our expertise.

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