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CCD: Environmentally-Friendly Horizontal Directional Drilling Leaders

CCD Energy Services will help you balance cost-effective drilling solutions with environmental responsibility. Our highly skilled and socially-responsible HDD experts offer many types of horizontal directional drilling services and products:

Air DrillingEnvironmental Air Drilling

In 2005, CCD Energy Services took the positive initiative to make horizontal directional drilling a more environmentally responsible process. Our new technologically advanced environmental air drilling technique drills faster and is also much more environmentally friendly than previous methods of HDD. Learn more about our environmental air drilling: Air Drilling Services

Horizontal Directional Drilling ServicesHorizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal directional drilling drills horizontally underground and mitigates surface disturbances and environmental intrusions. We can easily avoid man-made and natural surface obstacles, including roadways, river crossings, and mountainous regions. Learn more about horizontal directional drilling services here: Horizontal Directional Drilling

Pre Bore ProfilingPre-Bore Profiling

Before you begin your pilot bore, you need to know what obstacles lay ahead. By gathering information on potential hazards such as underground utilities, geotechnical rock formations, and no-drill zones we create your pre-bore profile, which then acts as a roadmap to make your drilling project a success. Learn more about pre-bore profile services here: Pre-Bore Profile

Aquatic Monitoring, River CrossingsAquatic Monitoring

CCD Energy Services is committed to protecting our precious environmental resources. By using our new environmental air drilling methods with aquatic monitoring and working closely with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, we lessen the potential risk of damage to waterways and fish habitats. Learn more about environmental river crossings and our aquatic monitoring services here: Aquatic Monitoring

In business since 1986, CCD Energy Services is the highly recognized and proven directional drilling services leader throughout Western Canada. Our HDD techniques save time and facilitate cost effectiveness without being intrusive and damaging to the environment. It is our goal to strive for precision drilling and also environmental responsibility.

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