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CCD Energy Services Horizontal Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling

CCD Energy Services is the leader among horizontal directional drilling companies in Canada.

Horizontal Directional DrillingCCD Energy Services offers precision horizontal directional drilling services throughout BC and Alberta. Trust our technical team for industry-leading best practices. We complete your complex directional drilling projects with skill and reliability.

Many benefits of HDD drilling

Horizontal directional drilling is also known as HDD drilling or trenchless drilling. Drilling horizontally underground avoids man-made and natural surface obstacles. It is the preferred way to install pipelines and other utilities. Drill under roadways, river crossings, and mountainous regions with less equipment at a lower cost.HDD Drilling

  • There is less noise and pollution from HDD drilling.
  • Drilling underneath an obstacle decreases surface disruption and minimizes above-ground construction intrusions.
  • There is less time lost due to adverse weather conditions.
  • There is no longer a need to pump water out of the trenches.

Our cutting-edge equipment and technology completes any job regardless of size and scope.

Air Drilling TechnologiesOutstanding capabilities and innovations

CCD continuously looks for ways to further improve drilling techniques. We are pioneers in the new air drilling technologies among horizontal drilling companies in Canada. Click here to learn more about our horizontal directional drilling equipment and capabilities.

We continue to grow and expand as Western Canada's HD drilling specialists.

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