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Benefits of environmental air drilling

CCD Energy Services is known world-wide as a leading air drilling company, specializing in Environmental Air Drilling.

In 2006, we introduced environmental air drilling. Traditionally, mud motor technology is used to bore through rock. It is both expensive and detrimental to the environment. We took a proactive approach to develop an innovative environmental drilling solution. Air drilling is the next evolutionary step in horizontal directional drilling.

CCD's environmental air drilling services uses highly compressed air. We can accurately bore through the hardest rock formations (>25,000 psi) and up to 1,000m. It's also versatile enough to replace conventional HDD drilling for soft ground formations.

Air drilling uses compressed air and a very small amount of water in the pilot bore. It poses little or no risk to environmentally sensitive areas. It's the ideal solution to high-risk river crossings and pipeline river crossings.

CCD's air hammer process is proven to be successful and environmentally friendly.

Shorten your timeline

Air drilling companies require fewer pieces of support equipment than traditional mud motoring. The need for a conductor barrel is eliminated. Save time with a quicker set up.

The rate of penetration (ROP) through rock is much more efficient. In some cases, the ROP is higher by 50 to 300%.

Reduce your risk

During pilot bores, a “frac-out” can occur when a tunnel collapses or ruptures. This allows drilling mud to spill out into the environment. Air drilling a pilot bore reduces, if not eliminates, the possibility of a frac-out.

Comparably cost-effective

Reducing the frac-out risk means there will be no environmental clean-up costs. Less equipment to set up and a higher ROP means overall bore and drilling time will be shorter. All of these factors makes air drilling much more cost-effective.

An environmental friendy air drilling company

CCD Energy Services stands by our core values. We are proud to be a preferred vendor for British Petroleum (BP). Our safety program protects our employees and our social responsibility protects the environment.

Air drilling does not introduce any toxic fluid into the environment. In the rare instance that a frac-out may occur, the impact to the environment will be minimal.

Air drilling is preferred by provincial and federal officials. They choose CCD's air drilling technology for high-risk river crossings, pipeline river crossings, and other HDD drilling projects.

CCD Energy Services is an air drilling company that aims to protect your investment, workers and the environment. We provide you cost efficient and environmentally-friendly air drilling services in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.

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