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Why Us

Horizontal Directional Drilling CompanyBenefit from CCD Energy Service's years of experience

CCD Energy Services is headquartered in Edmonton and works on projects throughout Alberta and British Columbia. CCD has a long history in the underground utility industry since 1986. Originally, we used the plowing and hydraulic push units to lay cable TV, telecom, and energy cables. As the industry grew and changed, we did too. We were there to see the introduction of horizontal directional drilling in Alberta, and we were there to help the industry take the next evolutionary step.

Industry innovators and environmental leaders

Environmental Directional Drilling CompanyCCD Energy Services is always looking to improve drilling processes and introduce new technologies and methodologies in the industry. After many years as a horizontal directional drilling company, we recognized the need to improve the drilling impact on the environment.

CCD developed and implemented a process that meets our environmental goals by using environmental air drillingAir drilling uses compressed air that drives a percussion hammer to bore through rock formations. Air drilling is an extremely successful method of drilling in difficult and highly fracture formations, while at the same time decreasing risk and damage to the surrounding environment.

Horizontal Directional Drilling ServicesTrusted and endorsed by governmental agencies

After repeated successes on high-risk river crossings using our environmental air drill, our innovative method was endorsed by three government departments: The Department of Fisheries and Ocean, Oil and Gas commission, and B.C. Ministry of the Environment. CCD proved that air drilling works, and is being recognized as the future procedure for crossing rivers.

Safety and reliability

Safety is a core value of CCD Energy Services, which is exemplified with a strong safety program to protect our employees, the environment, and property. CCD is COR certified, as well as, has been audited and approved as a preferred vendor for British Petroleum (BP).

Valued partnership

CCD Energy Services works closely with you every step of the way to answer all your questions. It all begins with a free assessment to determine your project scope. From there, we put together your pre-bore profile and then will use either our horizontal directional drilling or environmental air drilling methods, depending on the complexities of your project. Throughout, we follow through with aquatic monitoring to guarantee the success of your project.

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