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“I am pleased to support the new technology your firm is developing using compressed air for directional drilling.

I witnessed this firsthand in February 2009 on your operation in the South Peace Region crossing the Kiskatinaw River. This river is highly entrenched with clay soils that makes any fracture most damaging to receiving waterways.

I have also observed the more conventional fluid based directional drills crossing the same waterway with more drastic impacts from drilling mud expulsion.

The use of compressed air is certainly the best way to undertake sensitive waterway crossings as the impacts from this expulsion is minor to say the least!

I would be happy to have you refer my contact info to any interested companies who would like to hear directly from me my support for this new technology.”

Gerry Leering, R.P.Bio.
Fisheries Biologist, Fish & Wildlife Branch
Environmental Stewardship Division
Ministry of Environment
Government of British Columbia

“Dear Robert Bilida,

Re: CCD Energy Services (CCD) Pneumatic Air Drilling

North/South Consultants acknowledges CCD's development of directional air drilling technologies, and in particular notes the environmental advantages to aquatic biota that they may offer over more conventional 'mud' driven alternatives. As part of our water quality monitoring of a CCD pipeline watercourse crossing, North/South personnel observed that the pneumatic drill head was able to bore through several clay/silt and sandstone layers and, while a frac-out did occur during drilling, no drill mud was released to the aquatic environment.”

Craig Fazakas
Senior Aquatic Ecologist, P.Biol., R.P.Bio.
North/South Consultants Inc.

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