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Air drilling across the West Kiskatinaw River

CCD Energy Service recently completed two environmentally sensitive crossings across the West Kiskatinaw River near Dawson Creek in British Columbia. These crossings provided the opportunity to fully demonstrate our air drilling techniques. Some of the numerous challenges included:

  • Limited access,
  • Shortened bore length,
  • Shallow no-drill zone,
  • Extreme cold weather,
  • And three quarters of the bore length required accurate steering.

In addition, the bore encountered combinations of clay, sandstone, shale layers and a hydraulic aquifer connection to the river. During the drill we were constantly monitoring the river since the drill path went under a trout spawning area and was the water supply for Dawson Creek.

Endorsed by the government

We had visits from the Department of Fisheries and Ocean, Oil and Gas Commission, and B.C. Ministry of the Environment. Since air drilling is new to these regulatory agencies we were under the highest scrutiny. We completed the project with great success and now have the endorsement of all these government agencies in regards to environmental air drilling.

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