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Horizontal Directional Drilling CompaniesTaking drilling in a new direction

CCD Energy Services has always taken pride in keeping pace and setting the standard with new technologies and methodologies in the industry. In 2005, we decided it was time for a new direction in the HDD industry. After evaluating current horizontal directional drilling methods, we recognized the need to find a better solution for drilling in environmentally sensitive areas.

Environmental air drilling is the best solution

CCD has developed and implemented a series of processes and procedures that meet our environmental goals. Of the various procedures that have been developed, the most significant improvement incorporates the use of a compressed air driven percussion hammer to bore through rock formations. Our experience to date has shown that our air drilling methods greatly reduces the environmental risk when attempting difficult and highly fractured rock bores.Directional Drilling Head

Air drilling uses large volumes of air instead of large volumes of drilling mud to power the drill head and to extract the cuttings. Using air instead of drilling mud eliminates the severity of a frac-out. If a frac occurs with air, the
containment can often be done with a shovel and a few sand bags.

Under the watchful eye of the Department of Fisheries and Ocean, Oil and Gas Commission, and B.C. Ministry of the Environment, we successfully and safely completed two crossings across the West Kiskatinaw River, which is an environmentally sensitive fish habitat and water source in north eastern British Columbia. We now have the endorsement of all these government agencies in regards to environmental air drilling.

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