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Aboriginal Policies

CCD Energy Services Aboriginal Hiring Policies Procedures and Guidelines

Current as of December 2009


It is the policy of the CCD Energy services to select employees from candidates possessing the best required qualifications. Specific deliberation of all Aboriginal candidates will be considered.


This policy and procedure applies to all departments and employees of CCD Energy Services.



In partnership with the prime contractor and client -CCD Energy Services will continue to actively recruit qualified Aboriginal employees.


All managers are accountable for identifying the staffing needs of their departments and the qualifications for each position within their departments.


Human Resources is accountable for obtaining qualified candidates for all positions, conducting reference checks, negotiating compensation and start date, processing new employees, and providing all necessary forms to implement this policy and procedure.


The Supervisor of the position, Department Manager, Human Resources and the Aboriginal Advisor are jointly accountable for the selection of Aboriginal recruits.


As an employer of Aboriginal peoples, CCD Energy Services is committed to the principles of:


Working with Aboriginal communities in a manner that is respectful and mutually beneficial.


CCD Energy Services has developed organizational commitment, capacity and accountability by:

  • The hiring of an Aboriginal Advisor.
  • The development of Aboriginal hiring policies.


Preparing CCD Energy Services for the Aboriginal workforce by:

  • Gaining a better understanding of the Aboriginal communities that CCD Energy Services works in.
  • Introducing diversity training to the CCD Energy Services workplace.
  • The introduction of Aboriginal Awareness training to CCD Energy Services staff.
  • Introduction of Aboriginal misconceptions training to minimize attitudinal barriers at CCD Energy Services.
  • The development of a stable and dedicated local Aboriginal workforce.


CCD Energy Services is ensuring the retention of Aboriginal employees by:

  • Establishing a positive work environment.
  • Establishing a culturally sensitive work environment.
  • Forming positive relationships with a future workforce.


CCD Energy Services will take into consideration the following when hiring for all positions.

  • Education, experience, knowledge, skills and/or professional or technical credentials which may be legally required for the job.
  • Suitability as evidenced by personal traits and characteristics.
  • Performance as demonstrated by past work record.
  • Reference checks.


For the purpose of CCD Energy Services Aboriginal policy, the following definitions have been adopted:


"Aboriginal peoples" is a collective name for the original peoples of North America and their descendants. The Canadian constitution recognizes three groups of Aboriginal people: Indians (commonly referred to as First Nations), Métis and Inuit. These are three distinct peoples with unique histories, languages, cultural practices and spiritual beliefs. More than one million people in Canada identify themselves as an Aboriginal person, according to the 2006 Census.


  • Aboriginal communities are located in urban, rural and remote locations across Canada include:
  • First Nations or Indian Bands, generally located on lands called reserves;
  • Inuit communities located in Nunavut, NWT, Northern Quebec (Nunavik) and Labrador;
  • Métis communities; and
  • Communities of Aboriginal people (including Métis, Non-Status Indians, Inuit and First Nation individuals) in cities or towns which are not part of reserves or traditional territories.



Application for Employment or a resume submitted to CCD Energy Services provides an opportunity for an Aboriginal person to self identify as such.


The Human Resources manager has the authority to select candidates, the scheduling of interviews, checking references, and obtaining a completed Application for Employment and a signed Reference Authorization and Release. The Aboriginal Advisor is available to provide support for Aboriginal candidates as needed/requested.


When a position becomes available, the supervisor to whom that position reports and his/her manager decide on the appropriate candidate(s).


Once a decision has been made to fill a position; advertisements will be posted within the community. Only then will the advertisement be posted within the Aboriginal community for 1 week prior to the posting being sent outside the Aboriginal community.


Aboriginal applicants are processed through the Human Resource and the Aboriginal Advisor at CCD Energy Services, where applications will be pre-screened to assess the qualification and skill levels of identified Aboriginal candidates.


The Human Resources Department arranges interviews either by phone or in person with individuals who are a good match to the hiring criteria. Special deliberation for applicants from the local Aboriginal community is considered in partnership with the local project leads.


CCD Energy Services provides the Aboriginal applicants the opportunity to do the interview and the reference checks in both Cree and/or English, ensuring cultural linguistic sensitivity.


Reference checks are conducted on the most suitable candidate(s) after the initial interview process is complete.


Human Resources negotiates starting compensation and dates with the selected candidate and prepares and sends a written offer of employment


During the first hours of employment, Human Resources require that the employee complete all required forms.


When all forms are completed, Human Resources will explain all appropriate conditions of employment and then escort the new employee to the supervisor to whom she/he will report.

Applications and resumes are retained for at least twelve (12) months.


Benefit to the Aboriginal community of choosing CCD Energy Services as an employer reflects CCD Energy Services includes:

  • A desire to include the Aboriginal community in an advisory role.
  • Participation in community events.
  • An increase in local Aboriginal employment.
  • An increase in the local economy.
  • Encouraging Aboriginal people to become more self-reliant.

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